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hollywood star

i continue to be fascinated by the guy who works at hollywood market, an otherwise typical convenience store about a block from my house. a tallish fortysomething gentleman with large glasses and a receding hairline, he seems to feel a civic obligation towards his younger customers. in fact, he's always telling me to "keep my nose clean" and to "watch out for those hussies." to be fair, this is no bastardperson, but his colorful attitude warrants mentioning in this forum nonetheless.

tonight when i walked in, he was in the middle of a serious discussion with some hood in shiny jeans and a bandana. i had missed another one of his pearls of wisdom. he yelled to the kid, "she's an underrated actress! america should take notice of this one!" as he high tailed it out of the store. only later would i understand the cryptic meaning behind this statement. i walked up to the counter, interested in a half pt. of macaroni salad, and noticed the curious design on his shirt: a cartoon clam with beady eyes peeking out from inside its shell, with the words "aw shucks!" in bold blue lettering. needless to say, it was a find.

on a tv/vcr combo tucked away in the corner, i saw that he was watching a movie with brad pitt. in the scene i witnessed, brad was seated at a dinner table with self-consciously long bangs and a nervous expression. "is that 'meet joe black' you're watching?" i asked. "of course," he scoffed. "i was just telling that last guy that the girl in this [claire forlani], is an underrated gem if i ever saw one." i nodded in agreement. he continued: "other than this, she's only been in a few teeny bopper movies--but boy, was she something else in them." yep, this guy knows how to make a person think.

as he rang up my purchase, i asked, "is there tax on this?" at that moment, a touch of melancholy ran across his face. "oh, i sure hope not," he said with a far-off look in his eyes.

i sure hope not indeed.
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