ecto cooler (snow_design) wrote in bastardpeople,
ecto cooler

escape from the lab

just an aside, but i had to switch seats in the computer lab just now because of this persona bastarde who was bumming my internet-induced high.
i accompanied kim to the free computer area, where no id cards are needed, but i probably wont be coming here again. the crowd could be adequately described by that scene in waynes world 2 when they are denied access into the cooler backstage area at the aerosmith concert, and are subsequently acosted by two gentlemen with pocket protectors who swoon, "hey, you're those guys from that wayne world show, eh? party time!" what was i thinking mingling with a public computer crowd, anyway? no offense.

so back to the action: this guy i was seated next to smelled horrible, but that was just the first act. he began mumbling to himself while staring blankly at hotmail and snoring with his eyes open. ive never heard of such a thing. was he asleep? lobotomized? what is the deal here?? to my surprise, he later spat on the screen, in an attempt to clean any remnants from previous users. he then wrote on the monitor with a ball point pen, as my neighbors pretended not to be appalled. i dared not read the message.

it was about that time that i moved to a computer acrost the way. he shot me a look that said, "think you're too good to sit next to me? pshh, whatever." he's been leaving every few minutes and i'm becoming moderately concerned for my well-being, so i should probably shag ass right about now
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