Lunts of Blaine (bastardpeople) wrote,
Lunts of Blaine

Holding It Down Good

Ok, get this, the internet, yesterday. I came up with an idea for a lj that would be exclusively dedicated to stories about fucked up people. And I'm guessing a good portion of these stories will take place on the bus. At least that I have to share. Anyway, I'm not alone in this venture. I'm joined by marlysmullen and snow_design. So we'll all be updating. I'm marty_mcfly.

And it just so happens I have a story to tell. On the bus today I was annoyed as hell at these two people talking across the aisle about their plumbing. Then they started talking about laundry. I was saved by a woman who looked like a blowfish that had elaborate painted on eyebrows and her male friend who was rocking a 6" rat tail. Yes, rat tail. I could tell that life had dealt them some shitty cards, but they were rolling with the punches. And they weren't afraid to talk about it either. I perked right up when I heard the woman saying, "Your way of thinking attracts me, and my way of thinking attracts you (she would point at herself when she said "me" and at the dude when she said "you"). But I aint tryin to get into no negativity, because some people work harder than others. And you're a real hard worker...REAL HARD. But, you know...everybody is, um...everybody's precious."

The next topic of conversation was the man's sleeping habits. Apparently he shacked up with a man who snored loudly. "I can't sleep at night because of that damn Laotian. Yeah, you heard me, like from Laos, the island. I got me some earplugs, but he still wakes me up. So we put him on the top bunk, because, you know, (makes an upward hand gesture) sound travels up. Now it's a little better."

They left on a real sweet note. Rat tail got off at the first market street stop and his female friend told him to take care of himself and kissed him on the cheek. As he was walking away she yelled out the window, "You know I loves you!"
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