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bastardpeople's Journal

Lunts of Blaine
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"back door", afros, babies who drool, babies who stare, backwards hats, bel biv devo, blasting boomboxes, bus drivers, canes, cell phones, chaps, cheap entertainment, crazies, eavesdropping, fishing hats, freestyle rappers, frisco niggaz 4 life, furtive glances, grandmas, hammer pants, heavy eye lids, hobo comedians, holding it down, hollering, insanity, loud dudes, loud hip hop, muni, noisy distractions, not eavesdropping, novelty sweatshirts, old people, old women with eyepatches, people who point, people who yell, people with big asses, pleather, public transportation, recounting, regulating, regulators, sages, saying ugly things, security guards, sleeping, snot rockets, storytelling, sumptin sumptin, tourists, trolls, tweezing, ugly shoes, weirdos, wheel chair ramps